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Berry Floor - manufactured by the Berry Group, Belgium - offers a complete range of wooden laminate flooring and parquet flooring.

Real wood laminate flooring by Berry Group is what makes the ideal flooring solution for homes and offices. Berry Floor- conceived and created by Belgium based Berry Group, delights its customers with its exhaustive range of wooden, laminate flooring and parquet flooring options.

While choosing the right flooring type, nothing can beat the look and the advantages offered by real wood laminate flooring that resembles the real wood. Owing to this strong resemblance, these laminated wood flooring are therefore known as real wood laminate flooring. Apart from the resemblance of the design and texture, these wooden laminate floorings score over other forms of flooring by offering their own advantages.

Given the hassle-free cleaning and effortless maintenance, these laminated wooden flooring also impart protection for wear and tear when it comes to high activity-prone areas. Another important quality they offer is that of resisting scratches. Clubbing all these benefits into one, the wooden laminated edge pass the traditional wood flooring in utility and cleanliness. Free from adhesive and being creak-resistant, real wood laminate flooring can be installed on your present flooring in a jiffy; not to forget the ease and promptness with which it can be dismantled and relocated to another place.

Solid Wood Flooring

For all your solid flooring needs, CCIL is proud to be your end- to-end solution partner which brings together the best solid wood flooring services for your convenience. The qualities of the solid wood flooring can be reproduced by very few flooring options. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with solutions to address your flooring needs; for which we have explored the entire world and brought excellent solid flooring options in India, right to the comfort of your dwelling.

Blending charm and poise, these products are available in a wide spectrum of colours to offer the best finishing look, be it to your residence or a commercial property. Taking care for areas prone to water and dampness, these laminated wooden flooring are specially treated with moisture resistant chemicals to keep every inch of the laminated floors safe and secure over long periods of time.Send an Enquiry

Berry Wooden Laminate Flooring

Water Resistant Wooden Laminate Flooring

Laminate Wooden Flooring from Berry Floor. Now also available for areas with high moisture content. Especially for areas which are exposed to water, Berry Floor has developed Hydro Plus, a system whereby every board is given a special moisture resistant treatment. It's the perfect solution for the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

A water-resistant floor for every room!

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