Floor Master Wooden Flooring

Floormaster, a choice that is instantly rewarded…

To offer technical perfection is one thing. To offer artistic perfection is something else. With FloorMaster, both objectives are achieved at the same time.

FloorMaster - Wooden Flooring

No matter what your tastes are in the realm of interior decorating, in furnishing that makes you feel happy, in regard to the home you are dreaming of or the one you already own, there is a FloorMaster (Wooden Flooring) that has been created just for you.

  • Elegant
  • Resistant
  • Affordable
  • Long Lifespan
  • Comfortable
  • Hygienic
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Practical and Pretty.

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Wood Flooring

CCIL provides wooden flooring in all major cities in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Chennai, Pune and Calcutta

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