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Polyflor Expona Range - Luxury Vinyl Tiles for Vinyl floorings

Inspired by a rich variety of visual media, ranging from exotic fruit trees and reclaimed timber to modern architectural surfaces and engineered metals, the new Expona Design collection of luxury vinyl tiles from Polyflor (Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer) is, says the company, a unique and unrivalled combination of exceptionally creative design and strong commercial appeal.

?Our aim is to push back the boundaries of creative freedom in relation to commercial floors whilst at the same time responding to current and anticipated design trends,? says Polyflor?s luxury vinyl tile product manager Craig Moorhouse. ?To this end we have developed in close collaboration with global colleagues, designers and printers an attractive, realistic and unique collection suitable for a vast array of commercial interiors.?

The new Expona Design collection offers a beautifully balanced choice of 26 wood, 15 stone and 15 material reproductions, incorporating a total of 12 different surface finishes, eight alternative tile and plank sizes as well as bevelled edge options.

Several important developments in print technology triggered by Polyflor?s design process can be seen in the new range. In the wood collection a new standard surface with a fine, long pore emboss has enabled the creation of the authentic Indian Apple, Brushed Oak and American Nut Tree wood effects, whilst hand-hewn timber floorboards inspired the dramatic new surface emboss of Swiss Nut Tree and the subtle shade and texture of Egyptian parchment inspired Blond Papyrus.

Among the material tiles Aluminium Rivet Sheet ? mirroring the panels of an Airstream caravan ? demonstrates how new in-register embossing graphically accentuates the look of the rivets as well as the aging of the metal surface. Aged rustic renderings bring Antique Travertine and Roman Limestone to the stone collection alongside a new selection of grey tonal concrete effects and black and white oilshale tiles which subtly play with ambient light.

Solid colour options in the original Expona range are transformed ? thanks to the Saharan desert sands. Working from photographs showing the tonal effect of the dunes, the design team enlarged, pixelated and recoloured the images to produce the more muted colours currently preferred.

?New Expona Design (Latest Vinyl Flooring Product launch by Polyflor) is unashamedly aimed at architects and interior designers looking for high design flooring options which are aligned with today?s material trends,? says Craig Moorhouse. ?The range incorporates researched, developed and uniquely individual decorations, providing the confidence of commercial suitability as well as a fantastic choice of styles, colours and surface finishes in a variety of plank and tile sizes. Balenciaga Outlet Online ?

The collection also includes feature strips, grouting strips and a bespoke border, compass inlay and design service to meet specific customer requirements.

With a 3mm gauge and a 0.7mm wear layer, new Expona Design is suitable for very heavy commercial use and ideal for a variety of retail, leisure, corporate, education, and specific healthcare installations. The polyurethane surface treatment aids maintenance and helps to negate traditional restrictions on freedom of design choice.

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