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We, at CCIL take the initiative to be the lead makers of hardwood flooring in India for parquet flooring needs. When you are getting your new home ready or renovating the same for a make-over, why not try the modern time interior facilities that not only posses the obvious benefits of longevity and protection, but also add a new charm and sumptuous appeal to your home. One such practice is the use of parquet flooring. When the flooring needs to be attractive, the geometric designs form a nice pattern in the rich wood outlay. Such flooring is called parquet flooring and these wooden tiles are called parquet wood tiles.

Hardwood Floors - A Replacement for Marble Tiles in India

CCIL brings an extensive range of hardwood floors that become a fine replacement for marble tiles. Each of our tile varieties have been approved by experts for their hard-wearing and sturdy nature. The hardwood flooring is preferred more for areas with more activity and higher pressure on the flooring. Areas like children's rooms or your kitchen and dining areas are more prone for such activities and hence have hardwood flooring installed there. For areas with lesser activities like the study or the living area, you could go in for flooring with comparatively finer version of hardwood. Even with these preferences there are no fixed thumb rules and with our expert guides at CCIL, you can always expect true guidance in terms of what to choose and how to choose for any wooden flooring installation.

When we put forth before you the entire idea of new age flooring, we stand committed by our mission of providing you flooring solutions par excellence which not only help you to make absolute choices but feel proud when appreciated by family and friends. Our solutions are not limited to mere display of options but also include end to end solutions to make sure you have the apt guidance, the perfect material and the contented services from our end.

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Parquet Wooden Floorings

When you choose us as your partner in getting the right hardwood flooring, CCIL on our part, undertakes the responsibility to provide you with unrivalled, cost-effective, high quality, durable and aesthetically appealing hardwood flooring in India.

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