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Flotex Tiles

Welcome to the futuristic flooring designs of Flotex Tiles. Our variety of tiles are not only hardwearing, but also so durable and hygienic, youíre bound to fall in love with them. Our entire collection of Flotex flooring tiles are printed with the perfect blend of colors and ideas and each tile will do its own bidding.

We, at Flotex, understand how important it is for your interiors to reflect your imminent mood. This is why we take all the necessary pains to provide you the best when it comes to exclusive designer floor patterns. Each floor tiles has been printed with 3D patterns and images which lend the flooring design a unique, classy and trendy touch. Lose yourself in the 3D prints and see the world take a new shape every time you walk by.

Flooring Design of Flotex Tiles

Each Flotex tile is crafted with your choice of colors, ideas, prints and images. The back of the tiles have been caked and plastered with recycled consumer as well as production waste making them strong and sturdy. At the end of the day, we totally understand that you will be surrounded with these elegant interiors and thereby all our prints are purely based on the consumerís liking. Glide on these beautiful, smooth version of tile floors and let the world gape at your innovative decorating prowess.   Flotex Flooring Tiles has something for every interior. Send an Enquiry

Flotex Tiles

Once you have decided to take the plunge, itís imperative to decide on the type of prints you want to go for. Choose from a wide variety of images and flooring designs, while we offer you an affordable deal on your tile floors. This is not all, for you will have to even choose the type of installation method. Just ask our executives for the installation varieties and rest will be taken care of. So what are you waiting for? Simply go ahead give us a call for a quick survey of your intended interiors so that we can recreate a magical world right inside your house.

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Flotex Tiles
Flotex Tiles
Flotex Tiles

CCIL Flotex Clients

1. Amdocs

2. Max Devaki Hospital, Delhi

3. TCS

4. Infosys

5. HCL

6. Birlasoft

7. British Council Library

8. SERI, Kolkata

9. Dupont

10. Bain & Co.


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