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Introducing a radical new direction in combining dynamic design with pioneering and innovative product technology. ?The Sottsass Collection? is a directional new collection in Flotex , a highly specified, technologically advanced flooring product. Ground-breaking both aesthetically and technically, this collection is the result of a creative collaboration with Italian design studio - Sottsass Associati.

Ettore Sottsass and his partner and head of studio, Christopher Redfern, have together created the four designs that comprise this new Flotex collection, and it is manufactured using specially developed print technologies, which set a new bench mark for rendering high quality images onto textile. Send an Enquiry

The Sottsass Collection

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?The Sottsass Collection? comprises of four designs: TERRAZZO, WOOL, BACTERIA and KASURI by Ettore Sottsass and Christopher Redfern.The four designs have features in common: irregular, apparently random and organic forms, and the ?optical? features that play with scale, an aspect which are especially relevant to flooring, where the dynamics of perspective are constantly at work.The collection is available in a wide range of different colourways (dependent upon design) and includes hot fashion colours in strongly contrasting combinations.Colours include Schiaperelli pink, electric blue and neon green on black ground, pink, grey and turquoise on white ground alongside more natural and neutral interpretations.

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4. Infosys

5. HCL

6. Birlasoft

7. British Council Library

8. SERI, Kolkata

9. Dupont

10. Bain & Co. Lace Front Wigs


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