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Flotex HD is a hardwearing and hygienic textile flocked floor covering reinvented to make use of the latest high definition printing techniques. As a result, it produces patterns and images that appear almost three-dimensional in their use of vivid colours, fine details and real looking textures. It not only looks jaw-droppingly beautiful. But gives extra depth and richness to a space, helping create the effect or mood you desire. Flotex HD's advanced capabilities open up numerous possibilities for interior design and architecture.

Whether unique signature creations by some of the world's leading designers, natural wood effects that give a sense of authenticity and warmth, or inspiring geometric patterns that evoke just the right ambience, Flotex HD has something for every interior. Send an Enquiry

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CCIL Flotex Clients

1. Amdocs

2. Max Devaki Hospital, Delhi

3. TCS

4. Infosys

5. HCL

6. Birlasoft

7. British Council Library

8. SERI, Kolkata

9. Dupont

10. Bain & Co.


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