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NexTerra Carpet tiles from Beaulieu of America - the most environmentally responsible carpet tile available today. Beaulieu saw the need to become an environmentally responsible manufacturer by developing manufacturing processes that permit Beaulieu to offer recycled content across the full product collection.

The recycling facility lead to new development in our Carpet Tile backing leading to the introduction of NexTerra the industries highest content of post consumer recycled content 85%. The backing is made using 85% post consumer recycle material material that would other wise be sent to the worlds land fills. The most any other manufacturer can offer is 45% and that is post industrial waste. When the Nexterra backing is combined with the AVALAR SDX yarn container 25% pre-consumer recycled content we are able to offer a flooring product that can achieve an unmatchable 65% recycled content by weight.

This is the only carpet tile program that can offer the opportunity for a project to be eligible for 4 LEED qualifying points. No other Carpet manufacturer is so committed to the Environment and creating responsible products.

In addition, all our tiles are equipped with "Puralex" - a catalytic odor eliminator.

Click on the image below to calculate the number of PET bottles recycled for your next installation.

Click here to calculate the number of PET bottles recycled for your next installation.

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CCIL Nexterra Clients

1. Max Bupa

2. Feedback Ventures

3. Suzlon

4. Tech Mahindra

5. Vestas Technologies

6. Leela Software, Cochi

7. Panasonic

8. DK, Noida


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