Flotex flocked flooring

Waterproof & Acoustic Textile Floor Covering

Flotex combines the practicality of a resilient flooring with the slip resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles. Being completely waterproof, Flotex is also the only truly washable textile floor covering. Flotex offers a warm, comfortable, hygienic floor covering that is suitable for any commercial specification. Thanks to the highly effective anti-microbial treatment Sanitized®, Flotex offers constant protection against bacteria, including MRSA, E-coli and the development of dust mites.

Flotex Tiles
Flotex Tiles

Do you want more flexibility when installing Flotex, then Flotex Tiles are your solution. Within the Flotex Tiles range you will find designs which are also in the sheet range and specific tile ranges. All Flotex Tiles have a recycled backing.

Flotex Classic
Flotex Classic

The Flotex Classic collection has 8 attractive ranges which can be installed in every thinkable segment. Flotex designs are printed on the smooth even fibre surface, creating a wide variety of colour ways and designs.

Flotex HD
Flotex HD

Flotex HD represents the unique High Definition digital print collection that creates a superior texture with almost 3-D like appearance.

Flotex Sottsass
Flotex Sottsass

Ground breaking both aesthetically and technically. Flotex Sottsass is the result of a creative collaboration between Forbo Flooring and the Italian design studio, Sottsass Association.

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CCIL Flotex Clients

1. Dupont

2. ABN AMRO Bank

3. Royal Bank of Scotland

4. GE

5. Feedback Ventures

6. Hermes

7. Dynamic Vertical Software

8. Honeywell

9. ICICI Lloyds TSB

10. DLF


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