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Coral - Entrance Matting System

High performance flexible entrance matting system specifically
constructed to remove dirt and moisture at the point of entry.

For over 40 years Coral has been the international leader in advanced clean-off textile entrance matting systems, maintaining its position at the forefront of the market through continued investment in research and development. With an exceptional range of high performance products in a wide choice of colourways, Coral enables you to create a welcoming and beautifully co-ordianted entrance area which would provide valuable long term protection for all your interior floor finishes, keeping them clean, dry and safe.

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Nuway - Entrance Flooring System

Highly advanced rigid and semi-rigid protective entrance flooring mats for areas of very intense traffic.

Nuway is an engineered entrance flooring mats system for heavy traffic areas that has been around for more than 80 years. Its innovative design looks great and offers excellent clean-off performance, even in the areas of highest intensity of both wheeled and pedestrian traffic like airports, supermarkets and shopping centres.

The heavy duty constructions in the range have higher load bearing capability whilst at the same time removing grit, dirt and moisture before our floor mats are brought into the building.

Nuway is always made to customer specification and is compliant with health and safety specifications. Our entrance flooring system retains all physical characteristics over its lifetime and offers great ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Entrance Matting

Please visit the Coral & Nuway website for a more detailed presentation of the complete range of entrance mats.

Entrance Mats

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