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CCIL brings to you the world’s largest collection of high quality broadloom carpets / outdoor carpets from Beaulieu of America and Beaulieu International Group, Belgium.
Featuring the industries most extensive product line including cut pile carpets and loop pile carpets in a variety of colors and textures for home and office, as well as astro turfs for outdoor use.

Most of the products come with a ten year warranty. We have been updating our product range with the latest designing trends and a wide selection in terms of fibre, texture, color as well as construction. Send an Enquiry

Indoor Outdoor Carpets

For more details, please visit the Beaulieu International website and the Beaulieu of USA website.

International Carpets

Beaulieu of America

1. GE ITC, Bangalore

2. American Express TRS

3. Bharti Airtel

4. Ranbaxy Corporate

5. HCL

6. PVR Cinemas

7. Broadridge Financial

8. McKinsey, Gurgaon

9. Tele Atlas, Noida

10. Eli Lilly Corporate, Gurgaon


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